Work with Passion, They Say.

by - October 05, 2013

They said work with passion is important. I do really agree with that, a hundred percent. Doing things we love will give us indescribable pleasure. It would be very nice if we could working on things in which we have passion in it. Sure, we will give our best shot in every thing we do to gain maximum result. But here comes one thing. How if, we already had a passion in our work, we love what we do, but our surrounding lead us into such an uncomfortable situation?

I am in this kind of situation right now. This is such a dilemma. On one side, I love what I do, but on the other hand, the people I work with really make me uncomfortable. I don’t know why I can’t cope with them. In fact, I have thought about quit from this like zillion times, but I just feel that is not the right thing to do. I’m halfway there, and suddenly I quit? I believe guilty feeling will haunted me everyday. But if I keep going, I feel terrible because I actually tired of making excuses just to escape from meetings or gatherings. If I keep going, it will be very very exhausting.

I’m such a mess. totally.

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